Mexico City – Important Facts & Places to Visit

Mexico is one of the best and most popular vacation destinations in the world. Over 20 million visitors visit this country every year just to see its natural beauty. It offers something for any sort of traveler. It contains a huge list of tourist attraction in Mexico. Here we are going to tell you about some important facts and beautiful natural places of Mexico that will help you while traveling there.

Facts About Mexico:

There are several things to know about Mexico and some of them are:

  • This country imports the 48% of their goods from the US and it is a big part of the Free trade agreement of North America
  • It has a great trade agreement with 40 different countries such as the US and many other European Union countries.
  • It contains on the biggest river that is 95 miles long and flows underground beneath Mexico.
  • They do not give gifts to each other at Christmas; presents are given on the 6th of January which is a day that the people of Mexico celebrate the arrival of 3 intelligent men.
  • It is the main origin of Chilies, Chocolate as well as corn and export to many other companies as well.
  • 30 percent population of Mexico is Indian and in the southeast Indian language is spoken.
  • It has a lot of natural Material such as lead, copper, silver, zinc, and sulfur as well.
  • Literacy rate in this Country is more than 95 percent.
  • In Latin America, it is the 3rd largest city.
  • The National symbol of this country is a golden eagle
  • It is biggest then New York city
  • One of the traffic congested city in the whole world
  • The Mexican food encompasses a great range of herbs as well as spices. Common foods may include tacos, burritos, and enchiladas

Natural Places around Mexico:

Mexico is considered one of an awesome country that contains on natural places. Here is a list of some beautiful natural places:

  • Lake Chapala – Larger lake of fresh water
  • Monte Alban – best archeological sites in City
  • Copper Canyon – A beautiful group of 6 Canyon
  • Espíritu Santo Island – ecosystems island with an awesome life of marine
  • Hierve el Agua – Mineral pools as well as waterfalls in the Oaxaca state
  • Potrero Chico – Best rock climbing location in North America
  • Las Coloradas – Small Fishing Village
  • Marieta Islands – Local government bomb test site
  • Rosario Sanctuary – a Final resting place of the butterflies

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